Shipping & Refund Policy

All orders will be notified as Processing/Shipped.
When your order is shipped out, we will update a tracking code via email so that you can stay up-to-date with your order status. You can check the tracking update via 17

For Group Buy orders, they can be canceled before GB ends. For non-Group Buy orders, they can be canceled if the status of the order is unfulfilled. But there will be 4% processing for order cancellations or refunds. A refund has a processing period of 1-3 business days after the order cancellation(s).

All products which are shipped out will be under our guarantee services. If you have any issue with surface of the product, please kindly contact us. We are always here to support!

For the case

  • Anodized cases are hung to be painted. Because of this, you may find points inside the case from the painting process. This is normal and within our quality acceptance. 
  • PVD case have small dust point that is normal and within our quality acceptance. 
  • Slight scratches to a case or brass weight are acceptable to our quality level
  • If you are to strip a screw, this is not covered by warranty.
  • Regarding the damage or defects to the keyboard case during shipping. You can choose get a small refund. If you want to swap the case, you can return the kit to us and responsible for the return shipping fee.

For PCB return/exchanges

  • The following are exempt from warranty claim(s)
  • The USB Port becomes loose or disconnects from the PCB
  • The hot-swap socket becomes loose or disconnects from the PCB
  • a diode becomes loose or disconnects from the PCB
  • customer modifies the PCB. Example: converting a solder PCB to hot-swap
We don’t accept any return application on the grounds of bad feel or dislike. The return application is not accepted for all kits.

The following situations will also not be eligible for a refund request:
  •  incorrect contact information or address was provided
  •  not reply via email or accept calls from the courier
  •  refusing to sign for the parcel
  •  refusing to pay any import tax or fee's
  •  refusing import clearance
  •  regarding products not received from a shipping courier.
    We recommend contacting the courier regarding any issues with shipment. We do not offer refunds if they have an issue with delivery, nor will we resend the order. But we can assist you during the claiming process in case of failed delivery
Any fees incurred due to any of the following will be afforded to the recipient.