[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2
[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2

[GB]S80 V2 with IPS Screen R2

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Groupbuy info:

GB Time: May 1st -May 20th

GB Price:

S65 V2 Solder Edition: $289

Hotswap Edition: $299

S80 V2 Solder Edition: $319

Hotswap Edition: $329


9 Final Colorways

-Storm Blue (Sparkle)

-Black (Sparkle and Anodized)

-Avocado Green


-Champagne Purple


-Maraner Grey


Renders for GB Colors

S80 V2 Prototype Gallery

S65/80 V2 Coated Color Chips and Anodized color Photos

Information/Tech Specs:

-3.5" IPS Screen, programmable to an extent(jpeg/bmp), no GIF

-Non-flex cut Solder and Non-flex cut Hotswap PCB options will be available for purchase.

-Winkeyless or Winkey options

-ANSI and ISO Support available

-Split Right Shift Support

-Stepped Caps Support

-Split Backspace

-6.25u & 7u bottom row options

-Aluminum weight (Color: Brass)

-FR4 Plate default

Keyboard Features:

  • Material: Aluminum, anodized or coating for the surface treatment
  • S65/80 V2 Typing angle: 7 degrees
  • Top Mount
  • S65 V2 Weight: Built 2.5 kg
  • S80 V2 Weight: Built 2.8 kg
  • S65 V2 Size: 390×125×20 mm
  • S80 V2 Size: 392x150*20mm
  • PCB: soldered or Hotswap, wired, Remap key with online web page

The Default kit will include:

  • Alu top and bottom case * 1
  • Soldered or Hotswap PCB * 1
  • Daughterboard*1
  • 3.5-inch IPS Screen
  • Aluminum weight (Color: Brass)
  • Fr4 plate * 1
  • Poron Foam Kit * 1
  • Screws and Keyboard Feet

3.5-inch IPS Screen

  • 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 480×320. The screen can work with hwinfo64 using their data engine. There is a matching plug-in, which will automatically load when booting.


  • Monitoring function: CPU, RAM, hard disk, GPU temp, network information such as usage rate, fan speed, etc.
  • Basic information display: computer model, location, date, time and other basic information
  • Other information display: weather forecast, host volume, custom display
  • Wallpaper mode: choose a 480×320 photo as the wallpaper, which can be displayed alone or superimposed for information display
  • Custom theme: preset theme, and theme editing function
  • This is not a second display, so it cannot support GIFs or an extended desktop, it is intended as an information or aesthetic addition

Vendor List

  • US: Keebsforall
  • US: Dangkeebs
  • UK: MechMods UK
  • Philippines: Zionstudios.ph
  • Canada: Mech.land
  • EU: Deltakeyco
  • AU: Prestige Keys
  • TH: Gamingplanet

Reviews/Live streams

Xanniard- Cream(Schedule: TBD)

Sviz- Silver(Schedule: TBD)

For more details please join our Discord server. Thanks for your support! I hope you love this board as much as we do!

Disclaimer: The rendered picture is for reference only, please check the color chips in the other photo for the closest reference to what will be released.Please also notice we don't anodize in house so sometimes when we send a color off it doesnt come back perfect as its really hard to perfectly match and replicate a paint without storing mass amounts of it which we can't do yet.. The colors will be nearly identical to naked eye but can be a smidge off, which some of you with excellent eye might notice so it must be disclosed. We will try to be as accurate as possible and we are also thinking about renaming some of the color chips to better fit the color itself. Thank you!